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MacrOpolis: An Industrial City

A project designed for your future needs of industrial space.


In 1997, we had a visión, based on the restrictions Lima faces regarding industrial spaces, rapid an uneven growth plagues a city where the residentials and indusrtrial áreas are mixed and  lack planning, thus creating a chaotic situation that causes limitations and cost overruns for tcompanies. So we decided to buy more than 1,000 hectares, equivalnet to the district of San Borja, on the plains of Lurin, with the idea  of developing  a great industrial area project. MacrOpolis will mark a before and after in the history of peruvian industry. It will be a separate city from the urban fabric specifically designed for optimum performance of the entire range of industries, with a large investment in urban quality besides being an efficient contribution to the quality of life of the workers.

We present to you: MacrOpolis, the Industrial City near Lima.

Why MacrOpolis?

MacrOpolis, the new Industrial City of Grupo Centenario, will allow your company to:

  • Anticipate future needs of industrial space.
  • Develop new logistics and production capabilities.


  • Excellent accesibillity from Panamericana Sur
  • Free areas for recreation
  • Lots from 10,000 m²
  • 980 acres of total land
  • Documentation in order
  • The best market prices



Easy access from Panamericana Sur through Puente San Pedro and Puente Arica, as well as from important avenues like Av. Industrial, Av. Eucaliptos and Av. Portillo.

Industries in the Area

Each year, more companies are installed in Lurin, making it the area where the present and the industrial future of the city is.


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