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  • Where are your Commercial Real Estates for Lease located?

    Currently, we have 16 office buildings that are located inside three complexes.  In the San Isidro district we have Centro Empresarial Real with 9 office buildings:  Real Uno, Real Tres, Real Cuatro, Real Cinco, Real Seis, Real Siete, Real Ocho, Real Diez y Real Doce; and Centro Camino Real with 3 office towers: Torre El Pilar, Torre Central and Torre Real. We also have office buildings in the Santiago de Surco district, Cronos Business Centre; this is a complex of 4 office towers with an area of 25,425 m2.  In this project we created Premium office spaces, a new standard in the east area of Lima, based on its modernity, magnitude and area of the complex.

  • The Office Spaces are part of a complex or do they have their own street entrance?

    The 15 office towers we own are located in one of our 3 Business Complexes:  Centro Empresarial Real, Centro de Negocios Cronos and Centro Camino Real.  The complexes have many attributes that you won’t find in stand-alone buildings, which its main access is directly from the street.  Our current clients give a lot of value to the tranquility, safety and cleanliness they have on working in one of the buildings inside our complexes. 

  • What is included in the building maintenance fee and what company is in charge of the management?

    The maintenance costs are directly proportional to the office area.  These costs include water, security, receptionists, cleaning, gardening, equipment maintenance, maintenance of the elevators, etc.  The company responsible for the administration of the office building is a Centenario subsidiary call Inversiones Nueva Metropoli, this company provides the service of Building Administration.

  • Do your buildings have the LEED Certification? What is the policy of Centenario in this area?

    Centenario is committed to the environment; we are developing projects according to the standards of the LEED Certification, thus contributing to the welfare of the people and the planet.  All our future projects are being develop to obtain the LEED certification.  We are also investing effort and capital in achieving LEED certification in existing buildings, through projects of saving water, energy saving and the implementation of green rooftops.

  • What are the security measures you take in your buildings?

    All our complexes have a very good security system; we use cameras and also have security staff in all the office buildings and in strategic points inside the complex to ensure the safety of all our clients.  We have several security control rooms from where our personnel can monitor and control all the cameras located in the buildings’ public areas and their exteriors. In addition, we have an automated registration system of all the visitors at the building’s reception, designated windows for suppliers and contractors admission procedures for any type of work our tenants wish to perform in their offices. 

  • Do you have parking spaces for rent? How many correspond to each office?

    The number of parking spaces that correspond to each client is proportional to the office area leased.  We manage a ratio of one parking space for each 45m2 of office space.  In addition, inside Centro Empresarial Real complex there is an eight level parking garage building available to any client wanting some additional parking.  

  • What is the standard office floor plan in your buildings?

    The size of a standard office floor plan varies according to each building. In the Centro de Negocios Cronos (Cronos Business Center) a standard floor plan is approximately 700m2, while in the Centro Empresarial Real and Centro Camino Real, the standard office floor plan vary from 500m2 up to 1,500m2.