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Real 2

A new world–class business building created with the highest quality standards where luxury and convenience merge.

It is the first building in Peru designed by Atelier Jean Nouvel, one of the largest architectural firms with more than 30 active projects around the world and many existing ones in countries such as France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, USA, Austria, Denmark, Australia, etc., Nouvel was awarded h the Pritzker architectural prize.

Real 2, is registered at USGBC for LEED certification for its environmentally friendly construction.

Download brochure here (spanish version).

  • Architect: Atelier Jean Nouvel
  • Number of Floors: 14
  • Number of Basements: 9
  • Offices Area: 11,950 m²
  • Land Area: 1,407 m²
  • Commercial Area: 834 m²
  • Offices for rent from 197 m²  up to spaces of  923 m² 
  • Multipurpose room (SUM) in the first  floor
  • Parking Lots
  • Inteligent  elevators
  • 3 access routes to  the complex
  • 4 Light fronts
  • Large and double height lobby.
  • Registered with the USGBC for LEED certification
  • Pedestrian and vehicle access control
  • Fire protection system (smoke detectors, sprinklers and emergency speakers)
  • Evacuation systems with pressurized emergency stairs
  • Centralized security systems
  • Closed television circuit (CCTV)
  • Power station
  • Central Air Conditioning
  • Area for care providers
  • Exclusive restaurant
  • Exclusives cafes
  • Building built by Graña y Montero.