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El Olivar

Planned community El Olivar, located just a few minutes from downtown, offers exclusivity and large recreation areas, plus a unique European design in the city with over 14,000 m² of green areas and a entrance porch for your family’s and your own safety.

Our first planned community in Tacna offers:
  • Fees from S/. 817*
  • More than 14,000 mts² of green areas divided on 7 parks and green walkways
  • More than 800 housing lots in over 180,000 mts² of land
  • European avant-garde design
  • Portico entrance to housing development
  • Vast recreational areas, gazebos and mini gyms
  • Project 100% completed: electricity, water and drainage
  • Tracks, sidewalks and street lighting

    *Benchmark fee based on a 90 sqm batch located on the planned community El Olivar depending on financing of 108 months.
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