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El Haras

El Haras, an exclusive housing development with perimeter fence. It is our second development in the city of Ica and the most important  project south of Lima. El Haras development has a large porch entrance, which guarantees the security that your family deserves.

El Haras development features:

  • Fees from S/. 727*
  • Project of six phases planned to accommodate over 3,000 families
  • The first phase has more than 29 acres that will be divided into 741 lots destined for residential real estate only
  • We made sure El Haras will be a secure community; we built gates at the entrance and a perimeter fence
  • Ha its own water tank
  • Over 2 acres of green areas distributed in 7 parks
  • Large recreation areas with mini gyms and pergolas
  • Urban development 100% completed: Light, water service and sewage system
  • Streets, sidewalks and public lighting

    *Benchmark fee based on a 90 sqm batch located on the planned community El Haras 2 depending on financing of 108 months.

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