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Lima Norte - Carabayllo

Valle Hermoso

The planned community Valle Hermoso is located in the best urban area of the Carabayllo expansion, with more than 300 plots so you and your family can accomplish the dream of house ownership. It also has one of the best access to the largest shopping areas in Lima. 

Valle Hermoso development features:

  • Over 300 lots for sale for single-family homes
  • Provides great access, with trees on the side of the road, giving it a unique appeal
  • Commercial space of 9,000 m²
  • Underground wiring to avoid accidents and improve the appearance of the community
  • Over 1 acre of green areas
  • Recreation areas with mini gyms and pergolas
  • Urban development 100% completed: Light, water service and sewage system
  • Streets, sidewalks and public lighting

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