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What we look for in our new employees?
In Centenario we seek to attract and select the best talent in the market to meet the current and future needs of the business and achieve our vision.  We are committed to equal opportunities, for this reason our selection process is generated in a suitable environment, where transparency and fairness conditions are guaranteed to all the candidates based on the required job profile.

We are a company focused on values.  We aim our commitment, transparency, efficiency, teamwork and customer focus to be part of our everyday behavior.  We look to incorporate people of proven ethics.  The group of people with this profile helps to create a good working environment in the company, working for common goals, always attending their personal and professional development, but above all identified with the company” (Words of General Manager published in the GPTW article).

The competencies expected for any associate who is part of Centenario are:  Reliability, Service orientation, Synergy and Proactivity.


Involves congruence and consistency between what we say and do.  It is linked to transparent communication of ideas and taking responsibility for our actions with the purpose of fulfilling our commitments and maintain the image and credibility with our internal and external clients.

Service Orientation

Refers to the willingness and interest to listen, understand and act promptly to the needs or demands of internal and external clients.  It implies possessing an empathy capacity to generate solutions for the sake of others, regardless of their social or hierarchical level.


Ability to participate and contribute to the development of a task, looking for the common benefit or oriented to the achievement of common goals.  It demands that its members possess a team consciousness and share the same goals, recognizing that their individual contributions help with the final result.


Ability to perform on its own initiative, additional activities beside the one assigned in order to generate value to the organization.  It implies having the motivation to acquire new knowledge and to develop new and different ideas that invigorate and optimize the processes and the daily chores, suggesting opportunities for improvement.


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