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Social responsability


Our constant communication with our clients allows us the identification of synergies to provide them with a service of excellence that contributes to achieve the satisfaction of their expectations.

Office space leasing clients

We implemented the program “Committed to the Environment” that promotes the recycling of various materials such as paper, toner cartridges, plastic bottles, bottle caps and Tetra Pak cartons in the numerous office spaces we have in our Business Complexes:  Centro Empresarial Real, Centro Camino Real and Centro de Negocios Cronos.

With the purpose of promoting the participation of the most number of offices in our recycling program, we organize every year since 2011 a campaign called “Reciclaton Interempresarial de Papel”, which helps to raise awareness among our clients and associates on the importance of recycling as a good environmental practice that contributes to the better conservation of natural resources.

In addition to its intrinsic environmental component, our program “Committed to the environment” also has a social component:

  • The paper obtained as part of this program is donated to FUNDADES, institution that uses the funds to provide scholarships for children with disabilities and limited resources.
  • The plastic bottles are donated to ANIQUEM that destines the funds to provide rehabilitation therapy for the emotional and physical recovery of burned children.
  • The bottle caps are donated to the “Tierra y Ser” (Earth and Be) Institution that destines the funds to the purchase and donation of wheelchairs to people with disabilities.
  • The Tetra Pak cartons are returned to the Tetra Pak Company who transforms the packaging material into school folders for the public schools.

Planned community clients

We develop integration activities for the residents of our planned community projects such as:  The “Reading in parks” program, “Craft workshops” and “I take care of my park” contest.

The “Reading in Parks” program aims to stimulate in the resident families the pleasure and enjoyment of reading in a friendly atmosphere, such as the parks and gardens of our urban developments.

The “Craft Workshops” aims to encourage creativity and the psychomotor development of the children living in our planned communities.

The “I Take Care of my Park” Contest aims to raise awareness among children of our planned communities on the importance of taking care of the green areas.

We also have implemented the “Entrepreneurial training” Program directed to the parents living in our planned communities.  This program aims to encourage the development of a Neighborhood Association with capacity of leadership and teamwork who promote the welfare and integration of the families, through organize events that facilitate the Association to get resources on a regular basis for safety activities, recreation or other needed in the community.


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