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Social responsability


We have an active participation in the community, by promoting employment and generating value and development in the low-income residential areas situated in the surroundings of our urban development projects.

These activities include:

  • The donation of school supplies to underprivileged children in order that children have the right material to perform satisfactorily their school year.
  • Campaigns of “Corporate Volunteering” intended to contribute to the improvement of the infrastructure of various institutions of those low-income areas.
  • Campaigns on “Healthy hygiene and nutrition practices” to inform people living in these areas about the best practices for achieving a healthy life.
  • Activities of façade-painting, to help families with limited resources, this has the purpose of contributing with the ornamentation and urban development of the area.
  • The “Lidera” (Lead) program, with the purpose of generating capability of leadership and professional development in young people from low-income families with limited resources.
  • Support the ‘Peru Fire Department’ in the improvement of infrastructure of its institutional headquarters in San Isidro – Lima, so they have optimal conditions to provide support services to these low-income areas in cases of fire and/or emergency situations in general. 
  • A Christmas celebration with children from low-income families with limited resources with the purpose of providing fun and gifts to help them have a Christmas filled with joy and pleasant memories.
  • Various donations made in order to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of people living in poverty or extreme poverty.

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